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Terrible MMA Nicknames

So I’ve been studying martial arts for a few years now, and because I’m now starting to mix them, I’ve taken to calling myself a mixed martial artist. Unfortunately, because I’m terrible at everything I study, I don’t really qualify … Continue reading

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I Remain a Strong Nick “The Goat” Thompson Fan

Oh, Nick “The Goat” Thompson. You’re awesome. I want to get your opinion on any match-up, MMA or otherwise. Predict elections. Speculate on the future value of the dollar versus the Euro. I don’t care. Just keep doing what you’re … Continue reading

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On Corporate Sponsorship

I just saw Bas Rutten, famed mixed martial artist and former UFC champion, on The Biggest Loser.  My first thought wasn’t “Goddammit, one of the titans of the sport is a corporate schill for a network television show.” Rather, it … Continue reading

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Fighting In The Desert

Ok team, I’ve got a new goal. I want to see a UFC event in Las Vegas, and I want to see one soon. Despite the fact that I’m getting married in three months, starting graduate school in seven, and … Continue reading

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