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Sports Insights Thursday

1. Terry Francona was fired. If it was a “mutual decision,” it was because they told him to stop coming to work and he agreed to since he didn’t want security to throw him out. 2. Brett Favre’s a dickhead … Continue reading

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Have You Updated Your Team Name Yet?

Your drafts are less than two weeks away, America. If you haven’t changed your fantasy football team name, now’s the time. I’m all set, thanks for asking. Red Five Standing By (logo: X Wing) is now Hell’s Coming With Us … Continue reading

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The Warrior Dash, And Why I Think I Did It

I participated in something called the Warrior Dash on Sunday. It was, and is, advertised as an experience that is part trail run, part obstacle course, part “drinking outdoors” party. I believe I fall into the key demographic for this … Continue reading

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Wednesday Linkflood

Warrior Dash – I’m running (and crawling, and climbing) it on Sunday, June 26th as part of the 10 a.m. wave. Why put myself through this? My reasoning is simple – I spent a lot of goddamn time lifting things … Continue reading

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Good For You, Ochocinco

So Chad Ochocinco decided to use his unexpected time off to play some soccer in Kansas City. As expected, he wasn’t very good at it. He didn’t display touch, was caught out of position, and probably was unable to grab … Continue reading

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