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Good For You, Ochocinco

So Chad Ochocinco decided to use his unexpected time off to play some soccer in Kansas City. As expected, he wasn’t very good at it. He didn’t display touch, was caught out of position, and probably was unable to grab … Continue reading

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Sense and Serpability – March 25

So there’s a blog in The Boston Globe called Love Letters. I read it everyday and dissect the issue that the Letter Writer (LW) presents and the columnist’s response with a group of friends. While we all generally agree that … Continue reading

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North Carolina, C’mon and Raise Up (With BBQ and Breweries)

Kim and I hoofed it down to North Carolina for a somewhat spontaneous (two weeks from booking-to-flight) trip. With only a couple of months between now and the wedding, we wanted to unwind, unplug (no Twitter, Facebook or e-mail), and … Continue reading

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I’m Nick “The Goat” Thompson’s Newest Fan

During the week leading up to a big UFC tilt, the MMA reporting site Sherdog reaches out to fighters to get their take on what will happen. The responses vary from one sentence responses (“I’m going with Rich Franklin, since … Continue reading

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If Your Friends Or Loved Ones Are Getting Married

Hey world, If your friends or loved ones are getting married, congratulate them. Support their decisions, no matter what they are. Do not say you hate anything they’re doing. Do not give them advice, regardless of how well-meaning it is, … Continue reading

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On The Penny Arcade Expo

I went to the Penny Arcade Expo at the Hynes Convention Center last year with fairly high expectations. I was going to play some video games, see some new board games, catch up with friends and sit in on a … Continue reading

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Proof In Pictures

The countdown towards PAX East has begun. I’ve got four days of work followed by three days of uninterrupted, unapologetic nerding. I’m going to play D&D. I’m going to watch others play D&D. I’m going to listen to Frontalot. I’m … Continue reading

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Buying Local

I’m very much a believer in the Local Multiplier Effect. And though this belief is due just as much to inherent optimism as to sound economic analysis, I still try to buy local as much as I can. Anyway, this … Continue reading

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