Fighting In The Desert

Ok team, I’ve got a new goal. I want to see a UFC event in Las Vegas, and I want to see one soon. Despite the fact that I’m getting married in three months, starting graduate school in seven, and going on another cross-country roadtrip in about fifteen, I am sure beyond all doubt that I absolutely must soak in the bloodsport live and in person while still in my twenties.

Kim and I have already seen an event – UFC 124 in Montreal. But for those of you who have traveled to both Montreal and Las Vegas, one is definitely far more exciting than the other. Montreal is lovely and all, don’t get me wrong. It’s a big city that’s clean and full of surprisingly well-dressed people and funny French street signs. But Las Vegas is Las Vegas. It is the culmination of decades of labor from some of the world’s most skilled architects, thieves, crimelords and celebrity chefs. It is a city designed to make you feel like a rock star, with no ceiling on what you can spend and no basement for where your morals can stop. There is no better place on Earth for bloodsport than Las Vegas.

Building a weekend around a fight in Las Vegas is far easier than doing the same in any other city. All of the hotels, events, shows, restaurants and places to see/be seen are all within a three mile radius. There are price points for folks on a budget and for people that was to spend as conspicuously as possible. Fleets of taxis patrol the Las Vegas Strip. Hell, there’s a monorail if you want it. Try to match that, Indianapolis. Heck, even Dallas crapped the bed on their big event of the winter, and they knew it was coming for years. Las Vegas has everything that you can possibly want in a fight city, making it the absolute perfect place to see one live.

I’m blessed that I have a fiance that things about both Las Vegas and the UFC like I do – obscenely fun treats that we try not to overdo it on. So there isn’t really much convincing that either of us need to do to make this trip happen. Thankfully, with Zuffa headquartered in the City of Sin and with half a dozen UFC events there yearly, it should (hopefully) be easy to pick a time and Viva us some Las Vegas.

So this is a fair warning to all of you. If there’s an event in December, I may be asking you to skip Christmas and join us in the desert. Plan accordingly.


About John Serpico

I eat, I watch sports, and I eat while watching sports. Sometimes I do comedy.
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1 Response to Fighting In The Desert

  1. Domestocrat says:

    Oh, I’m planning on it.

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